THIS Natural Toothbrush Miswak Cutter Case

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- Store, carry, cut and peel your natural toothbrush.
- Dishwasher-safe BPA-Free copolyester tube to keep the Miswak clean.

Storecarrycut, and peel your Miswak with THIS Cutter Case Kit

The Kit includes:

2 Miswaks + 1 Cutter Case

This Cutter Case is designed to store, carry, cut, and peel the Miswak.

Case Features:

  1. Polished Stainless Steel blades for cutting and peeling the Miswak
  2. Dishwasher-safe BPA-Free copolyester tube to keep the Miswak clean
  3. Ventilation holes for moisture retention and mold prevention
  4. An automatic blade-locking mechanism to ensure safety during storage


For the best results, follow the instructions below:

1- Unlock, twist the cutter off the tube.
2- Cutter Cap pull the top of the cap carefully in order to separate the blades and be careful not to injure your fingers as the blades are so sharp.
3- Peeling the outer layer of the Miswak, place 1 cm of the tip of the Miswak between the two blades and as you lightly push down on the cap with your thumb; twist the Miswak until the removal of its outer layer and it helps when you pull the Miswak gently towards you as you do this.
4- Separate the bristles, the best way to do this is to chew on the top of the Miswak and if you need some extra help to do this, the peeled tip of the Miswak can be inserted into the center of the cap and then twisted against the tip of the hidden cone.
5- Use the Miswak: The Miswak should be held perpendicular to the teeth, brushing the teeth in a circular motion “away from your gums” and allowing the bristles to get into the gaps between your teeth for gentle flossing.
6- Cut the used tip-off when the bristles dry out by firmly pressing down with your thumb with twisting the Miswak. Then, discard the used tip.
7- Store your Miswak, put it in the tube after each usage and to secure the cutter, press the top down while twisting the tube into the cutter cap. To avoid accidents, when not in use, make sure the blades are locked together.


- The used tip should be cut off once per day on average 
- The miswak should be replaced with a new one once the two-third of it has been used
- The miswak and Cutter Case should be stored in a dry environment to avoid mold formation
- The miswak should not be stored in the bathroom because of being highly absorbent
- Thickness, length, and moisture of each miswak will slightly vary
- The miswak can be used several times a day “as either a substitute or complementary to your dental hygiene routine”
- Soak the miswak in a bowl of water in case it gets dry 

- For the cleaning process, the tube can be rinsed with water and soap or can be placed in the dishwasher, and the cutter cap is hand washed with only water 


- The Miswak is from Karachi, Pakistan, preserved in micro amounts of Sorbate, Potassium, Glycerin, and EDTA and to retain freshness and moisture, it is vacuum-sealed.
- The Cutter Case is from China using polished Stainless Steel and Eastman Tritan™ BPA-free copolyester. 
- We are working constantly with our suppliers to find the most natural and freshest Miswak preservation techniques possible.


*In case of an allergic reaction, discontinue using the Miswak and consult your doctor or dentist
*Very sharp blades. Keep the Cutter Cap away from children. And to avoid injury, make sure that the cap is locked onto the tube when not used
*This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease

Country of Manufacture China
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