M+D Hand Free Crutches - Pair

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  • Ergonomic design distributing the user’s weight evenly throughout their forearms
  • Eliminates the pressure that is placed by other crutches on armpits, wrists, and hands.
  • Hinged arm cradle designed for more range of motion
  • Rotating handgrips for Hands-Free experience
  • Antimicrobial arm pad

M+D Crutches features:

Hinged arm cradle with the feature of unlocking, which provides an increased range of motion. This will enable the user to reach for things without removing the crutch
Rotating handgrips. You can rotate them out of the way, which allows the user to walk Hands-Free
Armbands that are flexible to fit each user’s arm, supporting the user while allowing them to get in and out of the crutches easily
Shock absorption feet 
Antimicrobial arm pad 
Adjustable in both arm length and height. 
The heaviest weight of user 136 kg
The M+D Crutches are suitable for users 1.5 meters to 2.03 meters hight 
2.9 lbs (For each crutch)

Country of Manufacture China
Height User height 1.5 meters to 2.03 meters height
Weight Capacity 150 Kg
Product Dimensions 84cmx25cmx16cm
Weight 1.31 Kg
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