Omron UpperArm Blood Pressure Monitor M7 Intelli IT

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  • HEM-7361T-EBK
  • Bluetooth enabled for Smartphone Omron Connect App
  • Detects potential Atrial fibrillation
  • Intelli Wrap Cuff with 360° accuracy, ensuring accurate and easy reading.

Advanced Averaging function
Providing an average of 3 consecutive readings (30 second intervals). 

Atrial fibrillation

Detects potential Atrial fibrillation that is associated with a higher risk for stroke and embolism

Intellisense Technology
Providing accurate measurement in any position around the upper arm
The wrap cuff wraps 360 degrees around the upper arm.
Measurement “weak spot” doesn’t exist so, it’s impossible to place the cuff incorrectly
Cuff Wrap Guide Not too tight or too loose (cuff is wrapped correctly)
Movement Sensor
Intelli Wrap Cuff 22–42 cm

Clinically Validated
It is tested by major health organizations, proving its accuracy and reliability. It has both Diabetic Validation and Pregnancy Validation

2 Users Memory
Easy Readings

Get integrated!

With an application on your smartphone providing an easy display of history graphs, averages, and measurements,
making it easy for you to view, save, and share your health data, even with other apps such as Apple Health.

Omron Connect App and Alexa
Connect the monitor to your smartphone and transfer all the readings. You can connect it with Alexa as well

Country of Manufacture Vietnam
Memory 100 measurements with date and time for each user (1 and 2)
Users 2 users
Compatible Platforms Android, iOS
Data Transfer Bluetooth
Positioning Sensor Yes
Heart Rate / Pulse Rate Irregular pulse detection - Atrial fibrillation
Cuff Size 22 - 42 cm
Usage Upper Arm
Warranty 3 years
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