Activelife HighHealer Foot Therapy Device

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Enabling you to exercise your foot, ankle, and calf areas more effectively, in less
time. HighHealer is beneficial in two ways
  • Foot therapy for patients suffering from severe foot ache.
  • Foot strengthening and improved performance for professional athletes

The World's First 5-In-1 Foot Therapy Device

HighHealer focuses on:
  • Reducing the inflammation
  • Stretching plantar Fascia ligament
  • Reinforcing the smaller muscles that stabilize your feet
  • Reducing calf tightness
  • Massaging your feet
  • Materials specifically designed to prevent slipping, keeping the product in place
  • It doesn’t need any assembly
  • Hot and cold Therapy with the unique soapstone roller
  • Portable and lightweight

Country of Manufacture Finland
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