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  1. Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-214

    Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-214


    Check your body fat, body weight and BMI with ease

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  2. beurer-heart-rate-monitor-pm26

    Beurer Heart Rate Monitor PM26


    Beurer - Heart rate monitor with chest strap - PM 26 Learn More
  3. sabi-carafe-1

    Sabi Carafe


    • A pillbox and a water cup at the same time
    • Make it ready by your side so that you will not have to search for water when time comes to take your pill.
    • Suitable to be used around the house or office, on your bedside table or desktop.
    • Holding capacity of water is 124 ml / 4 oz.
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  4. omron-body-composition-monitor-hbf-511

    Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-511

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    • Manage your weight
    • Monitor your weight to reach your goal, helping you lose fat not muscle mass by monitoring your body composition.
    • Sophisticated measurement, proved to be accurate
    • Monitor your body composition, either your body fat, visceral fat, BMI, skeletal muscle level or resting metabolism. It is considered a medical device with clinical validity*.
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  5. Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-212

    Omron Body Composition (BMI - Weight - Body fat) Monitor HBF-212


    • Simple body composition Monitor - BMI - Weight - Body fat
    • Displays body fat in percentage, BMI, and weight.
    • On / Off technology with sensor switch.
    • Weight capacity up to 150 Kg.
    • Stainless steel/glass material.
    • Up to 4 user profiles can be set up.
    • 4 Sensors (100g division)
    • Non-Slip base
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  6. omron-stepcounter-calorie-scan

    Omron Stepcounter Calorie Scan

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    Special Price KWD8.00

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    • Optimal activity meter for people who want to follow all their activity and exercise
    • This a small device you can either keep it in your pocket or personal bag.
    • It will track your activity and calories you have burned during the day. 
    • Counts the amount of calorie burned 24/7. 
    • 3D sensor technology identifies movements in 3 directions.
    • Indicates the amount of fat burned by measuring intensity of your daily activities.
    • Calculates aerobic and daily step counter, distance counter.
    • Stores data for 7 days.
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  7. Sissel® Securemax Exercise Ball

    Sissel® Securemax Exercise Ball


    Sissel® Securemax Exercice Ball Learn More
  8. sissel-fitband-essentials

    Sissel® Fitband Essentials


    • Workout from home easily and effectively with the strong fit band
    • For all ages, supporting movement exercises, therapy, and increase in muscle mass.
    • 4 levels of resistance are available for progressive exercising.
    • Nice to touch, less powder.
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  9. sissel-pilatesr-yoga-mat

    Sissel® Pilates® & Yoga Mat


    • High quality
    • Antislip
    • Easy to clean
    • Hygienic
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  10. beurer-diagnostic-bathroom-scale-bf100-4

    Beurer Diagnostic Bathroom Scale BF100


    Upper and Lower body composition Monitoring

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