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Omron Nebulizer A3 Complete - C300E


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Quick Overview

  • Different medication delivery for different respiratory conditions

  • Helping treat respiratory conditions in both upper and lower airways. 

It has 3 positions (each producing different aerosol particle size) adjusted according to the part of airways to be treated:

Position 1 with the largest particle size to treat upper airway conditions common cold - rhinitis - Sinusitis
Position 2 with the medium particle size to treat middle airway conditions Tracheitis
Position 3 with the smallest particle size to treat lower airway conditions  Asthma - Bronchitis - COPD

Color White
Country of Manufacture Vietnam
Particle Size Position1 (10 μm) - Position2 (5 μm) Position3 (3 μm)
Nebulization Rate Position1 (0.7ml/min) - Position2 (0.5ml/min) - Position3 (0.3ml/min)
Appropriate Medication Quantities 2 - 12 ml
Technology Compressor
Sound 65 dB
Warranty 3 years

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