Physiotherapy Equipment

All types of equipment to provide therapy through movement and exercise. Physiotherapy equipment can be used to maintain physical health and prevent disease. It's used for a wide range of medical conditions including rehabilitation, Injury, illness or disability Management.

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  1. sissel-fitband-essentials

    Sissel® Fitband Essentials


    • Workout from home easily and effectively with the strong fit band
    • For all ages, supporting movement exercises, therapy, and increase in muscle mass.
    • 4 levels of resistance are available for progressive exercising.
    • Nice to touch, less powder.
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  2. sissel-pilatesr-yoga-mat

    Sissel® Pilates® & Yoga Mat


    • High quality
    • Antislip
    • Easy to clean
    • Hygienic
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  3. sissel-acupressure-mat

    Sissel Acupressure Mat


    • Relieve your aching and tense muscles
    • Providing you with the relaxation and relieving needed for your suffering neck, shoulder and back.
    • Treat your sore and tense muscles.
    • Stimulating and enhancing your blood circulation.
    • For stress reduction and general relaxation.
    • For sleep disorders as well as other complaints.
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  4. promed-cozy-neck-and-beck-heating-pad-nrp-5-4

    Promed Cozy Heating pad HKP-1.6 XL


    • If you're experiencing muscle spasms or chronic back pain, place a heating pad in the area for 15-20 minutes to reduce pain.
    • It increases the blood flow and circulation to stressed or painful tissues and joints. 
    • It loosens tight trigger points and softens muscles to decrease stiffness and increase flexibility. 
    • It helps repair damaged muscles, relieves inflammation, and improves back stiffness.
    • Perfect for cold days and evenings, pamper yourself with pleasant warmth, you can use it anywhere at office or home, such as lying in bed or sitting on the couch.
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  5. sissel-cold-compression-therapy-knee-elbow

    Sissel Cold Compression Therapy - Knee / Elbow


    • Easy to disinfect.
    • Hygienic.
    • Useful for rheumatic conditions, sports injuries, pains, Swellings, and inflammations.
    • Prevention of swellings via cold and compression.
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  6. Sissel® Securemax Exercise Ball

    Sissel® Securemax Exercise Ball


    Sissel® Securemax Exercice Ball Learn More
  7. sisselr-pilates-core-trainer

    Sissel® Pilates Core Trainer


    • Strengthen your arm, leg, and back. 
    • For aerobics, fitness, and therapy.
    • Four loops to train your arms and legs simultaneously.
    • Four hygienic handles of high quality, for easy handling and safe grip.
    • Effective resistance training  (Medium strength).
    • Made of Latex (multiple layers).
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  8. sisselr-fit-tube

    Sissel® Exercise Fit-Tube


    • Small, affordable, versatile.
    • For rehabilitation, wellness, aerobics and muscle strengthening.
    • Posture and stretching exercises for upper body and legs.
    • Handles for a better grip (Hygienic and flexible).
    • Includes exercise manual.
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  9. sissel-sit-special-2-in-1-cushion

    Sissel Sit Special 2 in 1 Angled Cushion


    Do you have difficulty maintaining an upright position while sitting?

    Do you always tend to develop a hunchback posture while sitting? 

    If your answer is yes, then this cushion is right for you. 

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  10. sissel-dorsa-back-pad

    Sissel Dorsa Back


    Do you want to reduce muscle tensions and decrease back pain?

    Do you want to sit comfortably everywhere and on all chairs?

    Then you need Sissel Dorsa Back

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