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    Freestyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitor

    • The freedom lite has a large digits display for easy reading.
    • Unique design for easy handling.
    • Fast and accurate measurements within 5 seconds.
    • Tracking and analyzing your data is so easy with FreeStyle Auto-Assist software on your PC.
    • You can reapply blood within 60 seconds.
    • No coding required for the test strips.
    • Small sample size is enough, only 0.3 µL.
    • Memory - 400 blood glucose and control solution tests with date and time.
    • Battery Life up to 1000 tests.
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  2. Freestyle Lite Strips

    • Small blood sample of only 0.3 µL.
    • With patented ZipWik tabs for easier and faster application.
    • Simplifies blood application with dual side-fill tapered design.
    • You may re-apply more blood to the same side within 60 seconds.
    • No coding required
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    Freestyle Glucose Monitor with strips and Lancets Pack

    Freestyle Glucose Monitor with strips and Lancets Pack
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    Freestyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitor Value Pack

    Freestyle glucose monitor with two strips boxes
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  5. Freestyle Optium Blood Glucose 50 Test Strips

    • Self-test your blood glucose - 50 pcs
    • It’s compatible with the FreeStyle Optium, the FreeStyle Libre system, and FreeStyle Optium Neo blood glucose meters. 
    • Sample size of 0.6 μL (small)
    • 5-second sample reapplication
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    Freestyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitor

    • Easy-to-read screen, matte, reflecting light like paper so, no glare even in sunlight
    • High contrast, large, press screen, easy to use and easy to select
    • Micro USB port
    • Icon driven display
    • Top surface is seamless with angular front surface
    • Modern and sleek, dark grey
    • Test strip port
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  7. Freestyle Optium Neo Promo Pack

    Monitor Your Blood Glucose and Ketones
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