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Bonny 13% Pure Silver Diabetic Toe Socks


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Quick Overview

  • Has the element of the best conductivity and reflection. Designed specially for people that have Raynaud disease. Reflects back 95% of your body heat.

  • Helps to keep your feet warm.

  • Helps the sweat glands work properly, organizing the heat balance of your feet

Diabetic Toe Socks Bonny Silver Comfy, ideal for your feet

With Bonny Silver:

1. No edema
2. Your blood circulation gets better by the day > improves your blood circulation and prevents edema
3. Comfy
4. Wear it no matter the weather (cool in summer, warm in winter)
5. Heals wounds more quickly.
6. Protects you from radiation.
7. Stress reliever by the insulation of static electricity.

  • Comfortable for your feet
  • Made specifically from rubber for diabetic patients
  • Blood circulation isn’t blocked
  • Organizes the blood circulation of the foot thanks to its knitting
  • Wounds heal fast without infection
  • Doesn’t irritate your feet because of its seamless feature
  • Antimicrobial properties that prevent bacteria from causing foot odor
  • No unpleasant scent or odor
  • No eczema and fungus
  • No unpleasant scent or odor No eczema and fungus
  • No swelling during long trips
  • Unhealthy yarn combinations such as polyamide and nylon are not included. They are manufactured with natural yarn blends.
  • Speeds the healing process of other disorders
  • Keeping your feet warm
  • Reflects back 95% of your body temperature

Thanks to its thermal conductivity, the silver yarn spreads the heat all over your feet, keeping your feet cool

  • Stress reliever
  • Healing with no infection
  • Does not lose its properties after washing

Color No
Country of Manufacture Turkey
Types Diabetic
Properties Antimicrobial, Anti Odor, Thermodynamic, Anti Static
Compositions Diabetic Toe Socks (80% Modal, 13% Pure Silver Yarn and 7% Lycra)
Compression Level -
Warranty -

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