Frio Cooling Case - Small - Blue

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  • Traveling with insulin never been easier. 
  • Keep your insulin (used or opened ) within safe temperatures (Room Temperature) without the need of refrigerator or ice.

How it works ?

The wallet will keep insulin between 18- 26 °C for 45 hours. Insulating qualities prevent Insulin freezing at cold temperatures.The unique design keeps the wallet light and compact which can be carried easily. It is a simple, convenient and reusable wallet whenever you require.

For the case to work properly please do not keep in an environmental temperature above  37.8 °C

Always keep unused new pens in the refrigerator to keep for longer periods. 

Insulin Shelf life outside of the fridge varies according to the type and the manufacturer. Please refer back to the Manufacturer insert to double check how long you may keep your insulin at room temperature. 


To activate the wallet, Follow these steps: 

  • Immerse the inner wallet in tap water 5 - 10 minutes until the crystals inside absorb water and turn into gel-like.
  • Massage the wallet, during the soaking, so that the crystals will distribute evenly. 
  • Allow wallet to drain excess water for 15 - 30 minutes by placing on a towel.
  • The wallet is ready! Insert medication and secure the closure. 
  • Finally, place the wallet into its outer cover.

After 45 hours:

Immerse in the water again after 45 hours or even sooner if you noticed that gel is starting to turn back into crystal form. 

When used continuously, you will notice that with the crystals still in gel form, it will require less soaking time (2-4 minutes). 

Storing, when you no longer need to use the Frio Wallet:

  • Remove the inner wallet from the cover.
  • Allow drying in open, airy place 
  • Complete drying will take up to 2 - 4 weeks depending on surrounding environment. 

Important Notes

  • As the wallet relies on evaporation cooling, always keep it in an airy space.
  • It shouldn't be kept in an airtight container when activated.
  • Transfer insulin to a refrigerator when available
  • DO NOT store Frio wallet in the refrigerator or freezer as this will damage it.

Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
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