Futuro Stirrup Ankle Brace - 48442

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  • Firm stabilizing for ankle preventing side movement
  • Provides firm support, comfort, and protection for powerless ankles, and Post cast treatment in case of moderate-to-serious injuries occur.
  • Helps in limiting side motions during movement or after serious injuries.

Futuro Stirrup Ankle Brace features

- Designed with a soft edge guaranteeing an extra comfort inside your shoes.
- Inflatable air-cells which help to improve and develop circulation and to limit swelling.
- A heel strap amenable to adjustment, Fits all foot sizes.
- Wrap-around design easily taken off and put on.
- Dual usage (left or right).


Arthritis, Sprains, Post-Cast

How to Use

  1. Open both of top straps, Place your heel over the bottom strap. Ensure the placement of the side braces along your ankle and lower-leg.
  2. Wrap the bottom strap over the brace firstly, Then attach the top strap. Adjust straps to achieve the best fit and comfort.
  3. To achieve the best results, Wear your sock with combination over your low-heel, athletic shoe, or closed walking.
  4. The product arrives empty (not blown). If needed, Inflate to add air to increase its support and compression. AVOID OVER INFLATION. Adjust your heel strap to be compatible with the width of your foot.
Country of Manufacture China
Adjustable Size Yes
Support Level Firm-Stabilizing
Injury Type Arthritis , Post Cast , Sprains
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