Sissel® Fitband Essentials

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  • Workout from home easily and effectively with the strong fit band
  • For all ages, supporting movement exercises, therapy, and increase in muscle mass.
  • 4 levels of resistance are available for progressive exercising.
  • Nice to touch, less powder.

Latex - Reduced protein content

Made of natural latex, allergen reduced.

Most of the proteins causing allergic reactions are removed using a complex cleaning process, which resulted in a band with fewer allergens. 

Sissel® Fitband Essential: 

15 cm x 2.5 m approx. and 15 cm x 1.5 m approx. (extra wide for maximum comfort)

Available in different Strengths as follows 

Light Strength - Yellow
Medium Strength - Red
Strong - Green 
Extra Strong - Blue 


Country of Manufacture Sweden
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