Hallufix Bunion Aid Splint - Conservative correction for Hallux Valgus

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  • It was developed by orthopedists and scientists to relieve pain and improve the malpositioning of the big toe. (“bunion pain”, the medical term: Hallux Valgus).

Hallufix Bunion Aid Splint Features ?

Such hinged splint helps reduce the malpositioning of the toe demonstrably, protecting and relieving the painful bunion with full support for the whole foot while walking. It can be worn right or left easily. You can wear it while walking during the day (under load) and this is the main advantage of our product, unlike the traditional rigid Hallux Valgus night splints. Such splint retains the natural flexibility of the base joint of the big toe by means of an integrated joint next to the bunion. Also, the splint fits into any walking shoe smoothly as a result of its flat design with wide forefoot area.

Hallufix® Bunion Aid can be used for either

  • 1. Prophylactically for mild to medium Hallux valgus. It will help to reduce the pain and prevent further deterioration of the Hallux valgus
  • 2. After a Hallux valgus operation. It will stabilize the surgical adjustment and protect the foot and shorten the rehabilitation period

How to use Hallufix® Bunion Aid Splint?

Depending on the medical consultation, you could be advised to wear the splint during night time. It also can be used in socks during the day (2-3 hours) inside the house or with shoes with wide foot area.

For best results please consult medical advice on how to use the splint for your case.

- Providing the highest level of exact fit.

- Supporting the whole foot.

Country of Manufacture Germany
Adjustable Size No
Support Level -
Injury Type Hallux Valgus , Post Surgery
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