Futuro Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support - 48507EN

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Support and position foot during sleep 

Support and position foot during sleep 

Used to hold your foot in position during sleep. Providing therapeutic positioning that is usually recommended for people who suffer plantar fasciitis.
- Provides comfortable, breathable and lightweight support
- Flexible, and soft edges guaranteeing comfort and an ideal fit.
- A breathable material that absorbs moisture, It has strong and soft straps.
- Padded with cushions to achieve excellent comfort.
- Wrap-around design easily taken off and put-on.
- Dual usage (right or left), with a sock or without.

Injuries: Heel/Arch Pain, Tendonitis,  Heel/ Foot pains occurring because of plantar fasciitis

How To Use

1. Un attach the fasteners, pull the calf strap over your foot, and let support be placed on the top of your foot.

2. Correct the position, placing the calf strap two inches above your ankle bone. Fasten straps from the two sides.

3. Wrap foot strap below your football and secure the fastener on the widest end of your foot strap to the top of your support. Pull your toes upwards, Wrap the remaining strap over your foot and secure fasteners.

Care Instructions

After taking out solid plastic support, attach fasteners to the straps before washing. Wash by hand using mild soap and allow to dry in air. 

Prevent: Washing by machine, Tumble dry, Dry clean, Bleaching, Usage of fabric softeners.


Country of Manufacture China
Adjustable Size Yes
Support Level Firm-Stabilizing
Injury Type Plantar Fasciitis - Support and position foot during sleep 
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