Bonny 12% Silver Invisible Socks

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  • It has rubber for diabetics, Silver Bonny is not a nuisance for patients and does not disrupt their blood circulation. All this due to the silver knitting found in all parts of the product.
  • In addition, the device accelerates the healing of wounds in the foot and prevents infection due to its softness.

:Use Bonny Silver and get the following results

- Get rid of the unpleasant odor.
- Protect yourself from fungal infections, eczema and others and helps to heal wounds quickly.
- Keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.
- Protect yourself from stress by isolating the body's accumulated electricity.
- Boost your blood circulation.
- Protect yourself from radiation.
- Protect your feet from swelling during long journeys and give yourself a feeling of comfort.

With a silicon heel grip, it does not come out of your foot and ensures ease of use. The silver bonny is easy to use and due to the silicone heel grip does not slip from the foot

- Bonny Silver prevents the formation of bacteria that cause foot odor by possessing antimicrobial properties and protects fungal infections, eczema and some other disorders. The foot will not be allowed to produce unpleasant odors.
- The device reflects about 95% of the heat energy that comes out of your body and stores it to its source and dissolves it due to its thermal features. This makes your foot warm during the cold.
- The silver thread distributes your foot heat out and keeps it cool and moist by means of thermal conductivity so that it becomes warm in winter and cool in summer.
- It isolates the accumulated electricity in the body to relieve you from stress. It heals wounds quickly and prevents infection.

- Improves blood circulation and prevents irrigation in areas of contact with skin.
- Avoid foot swelling and feel comfortable during long trips.
- Product properties do not lose effect after cleaning the product but remain throughout the life of the product.
- Our products do not contain any unhealthy yarn such as polyamide and nylon, but are manufactured with a mixture of natural yarn.

Country of Manufacture Turkey
Properties Antimicrobial, Anti Odor, Thermodynamic, Anti Static
Compression Level -
Types Diabetic
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