Nexcare™ Reusable Hot / Cold Gel Pack

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  • Use it Hot For  stiffness and muscle aches, Joint pains, arthritis, body ache, muscle spasm, shoulder pain etc
  • Use it Cold For swelling, Headache, fever, burns, bleeding, sprains, insect bites, bruises

Reusable Cold / Hot Pack

- Double usage flexible coolness or nice heat
- Protective cover with flexible strap.
- You can heat in the microwave or with hot water
- To use it cold you can cool in the refrigerator or the freezer 

Legal Disclaimer

Used as either hot or cold. Look for leaks before using. If leaking, please discard it. Extreme caution while used by people with heat or cold sensation problems. Only for External use. If used for children, adult supervision is recommended. For insulation, use the cover. The pack could break if u lied on it. If you have any questions about your injury or there is persistent pain or swelling, talk to your doctor. Do not overheat the pack to avoid burns and check the temperature before use. Do not use external painkillers with the heat therapy. 20 minutes is the maximum time for cold therapy to avoid frostbite. Dry, natural rubber is included.

Country of Manufacture Germany
Heating/Cooling Method Hot > Mircowave or Hot Water and Cold > Freezer
Material Non Toxic Gel
Washable Yes
Product Dimensions Small > 10 x 10 cm, Medium 26 x 10 cm, Large 30 x 19 cm
Warranty - Years
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