Futuro Wrap Around Wrist Support

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Double straps to be fit with more support

Freely move your hands

Our product supports your stiff, injured or weak wrists. You can even wear it during uncomfortable activities, providing you with adjustable levels of support, compression and heat retention for your arthritis, tendonitis, swelling, strains, sprains and muscle pain. You can wear it every day comfortably.   

- Double straps to be fit with more support.
- Foam pad for more stability.
- Limits your wrist motion and protects it during different activities.
- Discrete under your clothes.
- Put it on and take it off easily via our wraparound style.
- Right or left.
- Adjustable size.
- Moderate support level.

How to wear it

- Open straps, either main or secondary ones.  
- Put the pad over the base of your palm where the joint bends.
- Wrap the main strap.
- Wrap secondary straps and adjust it according to your preference. 

How to take care of it


Close straps before washing. Warm water with mild soap to hand wash it. Rinse it well and let it dry in the air.

Don’t machine wash it, tumble dry, dry clean, nor use fabric softeners or bleach.

Country of Manufacture China
Adjustable Size Yes
Support Level Moderate
Injury Type Arthritis , General Soreness , Sprains , Swelling , Tendonitis
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