Elle TENS Plus with Contraction Timer

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Pain relief starting from early labour.
Drug-free pain relief
Award-winning Maternity TENS
Recommended by midwives.

  • Pre-set Modes For Easy Use
  • Boost Button For Contractions
  • Optimax For Extra Power
  • Uses 4 large pads
  • Can be used for postnatal pain
  • Built-In Contraction Timer
  • PAIN Mode
  • PELVIC Mode

Pain relief during labour
Small, portable, and easy to use that will help to reduce labour pain intensity. You can apply the Elle TENS Machine at home, just when the contractions start. It can be used at home, in the hospital, on the way to the hospital, in the birthing suite as well. 

What is Maternity TENS?
TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It uses an electric current to stimulate nerve cells blocking pain transmission. Also believed to induce the production of endorphins which are a natural pain killer in the body. The level of pain relief obtained varies from person to person. Maternity TENS Machine is different from regular TENS in that its equipped with a Boost Button for contractions

BURST mode for between contractions 
The pulsing, tingling sensation that will promote pain-killing chemicals known as endorphins & encephalins

BOOST button for contractions
Provides an extra surge of power required to combat pain during contractions.

Adjustable intensity level
You will be able to set up based on your preference and make readjustments as necessary as the labour progress

Optimax technology
This technology will give an extra pulse of pain combatting power for the final stages of labour Built-In Contraction Timer Pressing the Boost Button will automatically trigger the Contraction Timer. The device will start measuring the duration of the contractions in seconds and also the time between the contractions.

PAIN Mode 
Also can be used for acute & chronic pain conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, sciatica, sports injuries, migraine, period pain, and post-operative pain.

Help strengthen pelvic floor muscles and to treat incontinence (Not to be used during 12 weeks following childbirth)

Important Note

  • Not to be used before 37 weeks of pregnancy unless under medical supervision
  • Do not use it if you have a Demand Type Pacemaker or metal plates.
  • If you suffer from a heart condition, epilepsy, or undiagnosed pain, have any metal implants, consult your medical advisor prior to use

Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
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Warranty - Years
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