Pavis Chin and Neck Lipoplastic 2 in1 Mask

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- Bacteriostatic
- You can breathe comfortably.
- No bad odor
- Durable


Suitable for recovery following chin and neck surgery, this lipoplastic mask promotes quick recovery to your desire aesthetic. 
Stay comfortable and supported following facial surgery with this 2 in 1 neck mask. Highly efficient in aiding a swift recovery, two adjustable Velcro straps on both the neck and head work to promote your desired appearance without leaving unsightly pressure marks on your face. Most importantly, the Nanofeel woven fabric of this mask allows your skin to breathe and heal while preventing post-surgery complications.

- 2 in 1 chin and neck mask 
- Breathable and hygienic 
- Comfortable fit 
- Mask to prevent post-surgery complication 
- Ideal for support after facial surgery 
- 2 adjustable face straps for ultimate comfort.
Size: One size
Country of Manufacture Italy
Adjustable Size Yes
Support Level -
Injury Type -
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