Chicco Piston Aerosol Nebulizer

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The Chicco Piston Aerosol device used to manage symptoms associated with
  • Upper Respiratory tract such as colds and nasal congestion.
  • lower respiratory tract (bronchi and lungs)

Used to nebulize all types of asthma medication indicated effectively to the ideal particle size. That will ensure deep lung deposition and effective treatment
The particular Sidestream ampoule shortens the time of administration of the medicine by increasing the flow of nebulized particles, making therapy for children simple and practical.

Sidestream ampoule, mask for children and adults, mouthpiece, nasal fork, tube, ampoule connection.
Particle Size 3.2 ± 0.2 µm
Appropriate Medication Quantities 5 ml
Sound 63 dB
Technology Piston Aerosol
Warranty 5 Years
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